20 things you need to know about being a single mom

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If you’re divorced, co-parenting with your ex or chose to be a single
mom. One thing’s for sure once you cross over to being single, life
will never be the same again.

20 Things you need to know, do and understand about being a single
mom, there are more positive and negative things but that’s only some.

1) You’ve got to have a social life, don’t be lonely.

2) You need help. Don’t act tough, you can be weak (sometimes).

3) Work work work, you really need to work your butt
off. Try not to depend on anyone financially.

4) People will look at you differently and you will be judged.

5) Talking to your child about the absent parent will hurt every time.

6) Men will appear in your life like never before. They will tell you
everything you need to hear. But they are lying, they just know you’re
vulnerable and sexually frustrated.

7) You will feel lonely even if you were doing everything you on your
own before while you’re married.

8) Birthdays will never be the same.

9) When you have to involve your ex in something but you don’t want
to, you will have to anyways.

10) The fear that you will never be enough.

11) You’ll have to explain to your child why you did this.

12) Being a single mother is twice the work, stress, tears and everything.

13) When you’re sick and alone and you have to do things for your kid
and you can’t but you don’t have a choice. That’s the hardest of them all, I
feel paralyzed.

14) Again, Work you will need every penny.

15) This shit is hard, but God will never give you something you can’t
handle. Be 100% sure about that.

16) Decision pressure. You have to take decisions every single day
that will affect your kids life forever and that kills me.

17) The guilt! Ugh the guilt. Even though you know you did the right
thing and sometimes ending things can be for the better for you and your kid.

18) You will be everything, you will be both parents.

19) You will be tired and drained.

20) It’s a huge responsibility, But you can do it and that’s because God
made and prepared you for this. He gave you things you never knew you


Finally, stay strong and don’t just stay in a bad marriage because you think
you can’t do it. This is not an invitation to join this path, it’s simply very very hard. But if you are abused in anyway, don’t EVER Stay, you deserve better.


Asma Sherif Moneer

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