10 Instagram accounts to follow in Kuwait

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Instagram is one of the leading social networking sites. But with so many people using the photo-sharing website and with so many makeup and fashion accounts, it can be difficult to work out the best accounts to follow as a mother. That’s why the Momzlinked team have picked out the best Instagram that every mom in Kuwait should follow.


After publishing her Kuwait Moms Guide, her account is now known for bringing the latest events and activities for the whole family. Click here to follow.





Another account that keeps parents up to date with events, tips, activities and so much more. click here to follow.



3-The Crafty mom:

If you are interested in home organizing tips, crafts and parenting tips in both English and Arabic language, you should follow Thecraftymom.



4-SuperQ8y Mom:

Superq8ymom shares her experiences in parenting, kids essential products, baby food recopies and more in Arabic language. follow her here.

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5-Omy Tip:

Another account specialized in Parenting and kids activities and crafts as well as meeting some doctors to share information, all in Arabic language. follow them here.

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6-Kuwait Psycho-motor therapy:

She is a mom that has learning & neuro-developmental disorders studies in Infant Mental Health, she shares how you can help kids using play therapy. Follow her here.



Birthkuwait is a Nonprofit community health network, connecting professionals & mothers. They have so many workshops and lectures for mothers and mothers-to-be to help them during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. We love them, follow them here.

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8-Breastfeeding Support in Kuwait:

Breastfeeding professionals helping, educating and raising awareness. If you are breastfeeding or planning to breastfeed, you should follow them here.

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9-Bento Mommy:

If you love playing with food, and trying new recipes then you should follow BentoMommy.

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10-Proud Mom Diaries:

Asmaa Belrhiti is a proud mom of 2; running the exchange mothers program to help raise awareness and acceptance about Autism & Down Syndrome, she shares her experiences and tips to help mothers with special needs children. Follow her here.

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