17 Baby products that will make your life easier!

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1- 3 in 1 Diaper bad: this can be used as a diaper bag, travel bassinet and changing station! A multipurpose bag any parent would love.


2- The Chicco 360 Hook on high chair: This is great for picnics, restaurants or at the grandparents’!


3- Mamaroo Bouncer: this bouncer mimics what parents do to comfort their baby! 




4- Doona Carseat and stroller is perfect for moms with more than one kid who need a safe and practical solution both inside and outside the car!


5- Avent baby food maker: easily prepare baby food with Avent 2 in 1 steamer and blender! 



6- GB Pockit stroller: this is said to be the smallest stroller in the world. Perfect for travelling!



7- Buggy Buddy stroller weights: if you have a light weight stroller that keeps flipping, this buggy weight is perfect for you!


8- Baby Brezza Formula Pro: for formula-fed babies, this food maker is perfect. Hassle free, no measuring and temperature control.


9- And if you don’t want a gadget for formula, then this Box Bottle & Dispenser is perfect for you


10- Reusable food pouches: food pouches are perfect for feeding your baby with one hand and for him to eat alone without the mess. Perfect!



11- If you want to freeze baby food, this Freezer Storage Tray with Lid are the best Containers for Homemade Baby Food, Purees or even breast milk!



12- Lolla cup is perfect for toddlers with it’s flexible straw with weighted end. 



13- And if you don’t want to carry extra cup for your baby, just use these Sisnap silicone lids that can turn any cup to a spill proof cup for kids!



14- For juice boxes, use this juice box holder. That way your toddler can enjoy the juice without the mess!



15- This snack dispenser is perfect for toddlers. They can get only the food they need out of the cup!



16- If you want to give your baby a fruit snack but you don’t want the mess, use this fresh food feeder! you can freeze it to for a cold fruit.

munchkin feeder big-500x500


17- Finally, a pacifier which automatically closes when dropped to keep the nipple clean.



These are some of the products that will make it easier for parents with babies and toddlers. Would you add more products to this list? Let us know!

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