Travel Care For Your Bras

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I do not have luxury of travelling too often, but if you do, protect you brassieres while doing so! This is something I have not previously given much thought to. When I pack to go away, all I do is try to get as much as I can in my suitcase and throw it on the scales to make sure it is below 20KG so I can check it in without being charged. Recently I have learnt one should be a little more careful with the delicates when travelling. Here are a few little tips that I come across to protect your bras while travelling:

  • Always close the clasp on your bras, this is to prevent accidentally damaging the them.
  • Carry your bras in a mesh lingerie bag or other separate, breathable bag. This will protect your bras when things shift (or there is a lot of turbulence) in your suitcase. Also a breathable bag stops smells from concentrating on the way back home which is always a plus.
  • Put molded cup bras in a plastic container to prevent squishing and distorting the cups. Obviously a plastic container might take up a bit of extra room, so what you can do is put one cup in another to save on some space.

Now you can travel in the knowledge that your bras in the best of hands. Bon Voyage! P.S. I LOVE these Louis Vuitton suitcases so beautiful (but too expensive unfortunately). So I will just have to enjoy looking at the picture for now.

Travel Care For Your Bras


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