Do you know the difference between balconette & plunge?

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Do you know the difference?

I know I only ‘kind of’ knew the difference for years but trust me it’s important.

A balconette bra (balcony bra) is a low cup bra which reveals more of the top and cleavage of the breasts. The shoulders and chest are also exposed due to the wider straps. Most balconnette bras have padding to boost cleavage even more but in my opinion this isn’t really needed considering the low cup makes your bust look great anyways without pushing your breasts together. Balconette bras are great for everyday wear as they’re really comfortable and they are actually my favourite type of bra.

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Plunge bras are the opposite, the cups dip low and around between the breasts. Plunge bras will generally show off a lot more skin than a balconette. If your man loves your cleavage then plunge bras are absolutely amazing. They normally have padding at the bottom of the cup to push your bust up and boost cleavage. Plunge bras work by leaving a big gap between your breast so that you can wear a low plunging neckline dress and your bra won’t show, just your breasts.

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