Rana Rashid of Rsquared- A Momprenuer Success Story

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PhotoGrid_1412591399345Putting aside my career plans was a decision that I have taken after marriage. Didn’t seem as hard as I thought it would be for an “A” student since it was replaced by other more important plans.

As many others might be thinking, I wanted to be the perfect housewife, the queen of my kingdom and the guilt-free mom. A few hours a month were satisfying enough at first, I began selling my own designed Abaya outfits from home; keeping myself a little bit busy. When I first got pregnant I spent nights preparing for that perfect mom-to-be baby relationship. I read books consisting of each and every detail of pregnancy, baby and toddler care. Couldn’t wait to see my little angel. Promising to raise her in the best way I can.

Delivery day was here, I held my baby within my arms and a connection was created beyond words can describe. I couldn’t do much at first due to my C-section. I was open for help from family, but once I recovered, I was able to manage everything myself. Everything was done my way and according to my choices.

My days were spent with the main focus of looking after my baby. I spent my time with other moms who shared similar interests. Had morning coffee chit chats on adapting more healthy lifestyles and discussing the best of today’s recent studies on how to perfectly raise my kids, in addition to shopping for bio products and toxic free materials.

Meanwhile, I never stopped thinking whether abandoning my career life was a good decision. I have always wanted to do something. But something was telling me No you cannot do it. After all I freaked at the idea of leaving my child to be looked after by someone else while I spent all day at work.I couldn’t live with the guilt of not being able to take care of them the way I wanted to. Still, something was missing in my life. It was then that I decided to open my own business.

Opening my own business allowed me to be the boss of myself. Working hours were flexible. I was able to work at home or while watching my kids play in the park. I realized that it was not about how much time I spend with my kids that counted, it was all about the quality of the time. It was okay to delegate authorities in business and at home. It was not a big deal to ask for some help. On the contrary, raising healthy kids requires some kind of dis-attachment from the mother. Various skills are developed when kids are connected with their fathers or grandparents without mommy being around. I launched my first store and everything about my life changed.

I delivered my other 2 while in business. Sometimes I had to take the kids with me to my store. At the beginning they would scatter everything around. But as they grew up they learned how to help. My 7 year old mentions that she wants to have her own toy shop too. My business and my kids are growing together. Today, managing three branches of my collection is still a challenging job. However, it has become part of our lives. And it has never and will never replace my love and care for my 3 children.

Deep down I am still the same mom, I get confused on whether I should nurse on demand or time it. I don’t know whether it is better to feed solids at 4 or 6 months. And I have to make decisions on whether the cold turkey sleeping method shouldn’t be used anymore. I try to keep myself updated with what is best for my kids as they are growing. At the same time, I try to maintain a close relationship with my customers, to fulfill their needs and to better serve them in the best way that I can.

Rana Rashid

Super mommy of 3, Founder and Designer of First Abaya shop in Egypt.
Rsquared (AbayaCompany)
Est 2009, Cairo, Egypt.

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